LiDAR mobile mapping system

Vehicle LiDAR system and software for road based surveys.

Image of Routescene's Mobile Mapping System mounted on a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

End-to-end vehicle mapping system

Our LiDAR mobile mapping system includes all you need to collect precise survey data, quality control the data in real-time and process the data to create outputs.

Routescene's mobile mapping system in use for asset mapping

This video highlights the immense detail captured. Courtesy of Rekon Solutions Inc.

Complete hardware and software package

At Routescene we are renowned for our high calibre system design, manufacture and service delivery. We have applied 30+ years’ experience across surveying, LiDAR, GNSS / INS, software development, dynamic data capture and data management to develop this technology. You’ll also have access to our world-class customer support and training to help you get the most out of your system.

Why choose a Routescene LiDAR mobile mapping system?

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    Complete package so you are immediately operational.

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    Quick and easy deployment on your vehicle.

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    Our software makes data processing easier and quicker.

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    Comprehensive training and support to get the most out of your system.

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    Workflow to bring efficiencies and improve productivity.

What is included?

Every Routescene vehicle LiDAR system includes everything you need to capture and process LiDAR data.


Hardware - Vehicle System

We provide all the hardware you require to collect your survey data.


Data processing software

Comprehensive tools and workflow to generate results easily and proficiently.



Planning, data capture and processing workflows to improve productivity.


Quality assurance

QA/QC processes to gain the best results possible.


Training and support

Comprehensive training, online resources and responsive technical support.


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    Asset management

    Powerlines, telecoms, overland pipes, rail, road

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    Highways management

    Maintenance of road infrastructure including kerbs, road markings, bridges, overhead wires
    Street furniture management including road signs, lamp posts,traffic lights, trees
    Wide load route assessment

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    Construction and infrastructure mapping

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    Urban environment mapping

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    Environmental topography mapping

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    Vegetation management

Planning transmission line replacements using LiDAR

Case study: LiDAR mobile mapping system used to plan upgrade of powerlines

A powerline survey was performed to upgrade out-of-date copper distribution lines in British Columbia, Canada. The LiDAR data was used to create a 3D digital view of the roads and electricity assets to allow detailed planning of the works and the materials needed.

Read the case study

Case study: Vehicle and drone based LiDAR mapping protects Scottish woodland.

The aim was to collect and process survey data to develop a plan to manage a forest under threat from an approaching plant pathogen. The rich dataset enabled the team to identify surface hazards, assess slope stability impacts, develop a felling plan and design a drainage plan.

Read the case study