Hardware - Vehicle System

We provide all the hardware you need to collect your survey data.

What is included with each Routescene Vehicle LiDAR system?

We supply a turnkey solution for immediate operation.

There are 5 main hardware components in each system:

  1. LidarPod©
  2. Odometer
  3. GSM modem
  4. Vehicle support frame
  5. Peripherals


The “LidarPod” is the integrated 3D mapping tool. It is a self-contained unit which includes a LiDAR sensor, RTK GNSS/INS sensor, data storage and radio telemetry.

Image of Routescene LiDAR mobile mapping system


The odometer measures the distance traveled by the mapping vehicle. It supplies up to 100 pulses per second to enable accurate distance traveled and velocity to be calculated. This information augments the GNSS\INS solution considerably and reduces drift in urban canyons.

Image of Routescene vehicle LiDAR system odometer

Vehicle support frame

The easy to deploy Routescene LidarPod is mounted on the roof of the vehicle using a light weight aluminium frame. Incorporating advanced coiled suspension mounts to dampen unwanted vibrations and shocks caused by traveling on poor quality roads.

Image of Routescene vehicle system support frame


To enable you to quickly become operational and proficient with the Routescene system we supply:

  • Tools and tape measures
  • Robust transit cases and tough equipment bags to ship the equipment in an easy manner
  • Product and training manuals
  • Routescene’s Survey Operating Procedures

Additionally, you can also opt to include the following in your package:

  • Spare LidarPod cables and accessories to ensure minimum downtime
  • Survey and radio telemetry tripods

Do I need a Ground Station?

Not necessarily. This depends on the most practical way to receive RTK GNSS corrections. Your options are:

  1. Locally using the Routescene Ground Station, or
  2. Via GPRS modem or satellite, or
  3. Post process the position data and apply the RTK GNSS corrections after the survey has been completed.

If you decide not to use a Routescene Ground Station, then QA Monitor can be directly accessed using a USB connection between a laptop and the LidarPod.

Ground station

Routescene Ground Station

The benefits of a Routescene mobile mapping system

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    Easy to deploy

    Portable and easy to deploy. We supply all the equipment for immediate operation.

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    Robustly engineered

    The LidarPod is a sealed unit and no assembly is needed which eliminates user error. Minimal number of external connectors, significantly reducing risk of failure.

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    Autonomy and security

    Our LiDAR solutions do not rely on a mobile phone nor an internet connection to operate. Provides a maximum autonomy, high level of operational and data security.

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    Able to withstand a light rain shower; the LiDAR scanner options are IP67 rated, the LidarPod has IP68 rated connectors and rubber seals to resist water ingress.

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    Reliable data storage

    Internal solid state data storage resistant to vibration during use and rough handling by users. 12 hours of data collection capacity to fulfil a long vehicle survey.

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    Product conformity

    Non-ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) rated so are not subjected to export controls. LidarPod independently CE and FCC certified to ensure it is compliant with electrical and radio transmission standards.