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Our mission: Empowering customers to make informed decisions

Our mission is to enable our customers to create powerful 3D spatial outputs to make well judged decisions and plans. Using Routescene’s trusted products you can solve problems, save time, improve efficiencies and increase productivity.

Our values: Optimize, Clarity and Support

We’re always looking beyond the point… we look beyond the pure technical to focus on how to optimize everything we do, which in turn brings clarity to everything you do.

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    Optimization is rooted in everything we do.

    From our high calibre system design and manufacture, flexible and powerful point cloud processing software, to our carefully thought through and repeatable workflows, we optimize to bring efficiencies. Our optimization enables the capture, processing, analysis and visualization of point cloud data to be undertaken in a systematic, streamlined way.

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    We believe achieving clarity in your point cloud and your final outputs is critical. Our ethos is centred on Quality Control and Quality Assurance and we have embedded this across our workflows and products. You can rely on Routescene for credible, quality results every time.

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    We know that sharing our knowledge and expertise empowers our customers to excel.

    Achieving optimal results is easier and quicker with in-depth training and direct access to support. Our comprehensive training and responsive customer support means you achieve a swift return on your investment.

I can say that Routescene have been very supportive in getting us started with our equipment and ensuring we got off the ground quickly. I think it was only a couple of test and learning flights before we started collecting the UAV LiDAR data we required, so a very short setup and training time was required.”

Kieran Wood, Bristol University, UK

Our company history

Since 2005 we have applied our expertise in surveying, LiDAR, GIS, dynamic data capture and data management to develop our products.

We are excited by emerging technologies. As an early adopter of LiDAR in 2009 and with the commercialization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in 2013 we identified a gap in the market for a lightweight LiDAR drone-based solution. Our systems and software are created by surveyors for professionals and through our tenacity we achieve continuous improvement and innovation.

Routescene® is a registered trademark of Mapix technologies Ltd and Routescene Inc., based in Colorado, USA, is our American sister company through which we do business in North America.

Our journey to date

Our journey to date

Company milestones
2022New range of UAV LiDAR Systems launched
2019Moved to larger HQ in Edinburgh, Scotland
Launch of Bare Earth Tool in LidarViewer Pro software
2017Routescene Inc established in Colorado, USA to expand our business across North America
2014Launched UAV LiDAR System at Intergeo
2013Identified a gap in the market for a lightweight LiDAR solution for drones
2009An early adopter of LiDAR to develop a high resolution, low cost mobile mapping solution
2005Developed a 3D mapping product and service using video and photogrammetry
Routescene brand established
1996Mapix technologies Ltd established providing geospatial solutions