LiDAR mapping training and support

Access to training, resources and support to accelerate learning and competency.

Training, resources and support for accelerated learning

Our experience working with customers around the world is that achieving optimal results is easier and quicker with access to in-depth training courses, resources and responsive technical support. This way you achieve a quicker return on your investment.

What’s included when you purchase a Routescene product?

UAV LiDAR System
Mobile Mapping System
Ground Control Targets
12 months warranty on the hardware
12 months of support and maintenance
12 months of firmware and software updates
Package of post-processing support


We pride ourselves on our customer-specific training packages which cover:

UAV LiDAR systems and Mobile mapping system training

We provide a combination of theory and practical sessions to ensure you gain the most from your LiDAR system. Covering everything you need to know from the assembly of the equipment, operation of the system in the field, Quality Control and best practice to data processing using our software.

Data processing software training

Delivered online our training covers the basic functionality, processing with filters, tips and tricks of LiDAR processing.

Technical support

An active Annual support and maintenance agreement gives you access to our resources and technical support. The delivery of our customer support is through our established US and UK offices serving our customers across different time zones.

Annual support and maintenance agreements

Through our Annual Support and Maintenance Agreements we commit to providing you with the highest level of support. This means you can operate your Routescene product as efficiently and effectively as possible in the future. Agreements are product specific and include technical support, firmware upgrades, new software releases and many other benefits.

We are continuously improving our products to ensure we stay at the leading edge of technological advances. These enhancements are available to you through the Annual Support and Maintenance Agreements.

Multiple year support and maintenance

A discount is offered for those wishing to commit to multiple year support and maintenance agreements.