Illustration showing part of the unique Routescene workflow – data processing from raw point cloud to contoured final map.

Unique workflow enabling productivity

This is a vital contributor to the Routescene advantage – our carefully thought through workflow which spans the entire utilisation of the solution – from survey and project planning, data acquisition, data processing to the final outputs or “actionable information”. Our workflow is a set of orchestrated and repeatable procedures and processes, so you undertake surveys and data analysis in a systematic, streamlined way. We’ve included automation to reduce errors and provide full documentation as part of your set up training.

Our system design and workflow is based on 30 years of in-depth survey experience and we understand how the system will be used in practice.

The workflow enables you to:
1. Undertake rigorous survey planning
2. Easy deployment in the field
3. Quality Assurance of data

4. Quick download of data
5. Filtering of data in LidarViewer Pro to extract the specific data needed
6. Export to third party packages

Workflow to increase your rate of return

The Routescene® workflow brings efficiency, effective management, improves productivity and results in a high rate of return or cost saving.

Revolutionizing surveying     

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