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Routescene UAV LiDAR system flying

UAV LiDAR Mapping Systems for Drones & UAVs

Robustly engineered, Routescene’s trusted UAV LiDAR mapping systems are designed to achieve quality, meaningful results each time. Ideal for sites where accurate mapping is essential but difficult to achieve such as hard to reach, dangerous or hostile environments.

We are renowned for our high calibre system design, manufacture and service delivery. Our solution gives you everything you need to get the job done from workflow, software, hardware to training and support.

System options

Our system is available in a number of options to suit your performance and price requirements. All based on the same high quality blueprint, our high quality system can be integrated with a variety of LiDAR sensors and GNSS/INS sensors depending on your application and budget.

1. Entry level

Suited to applications which require lower levels of accuracy and resolution and for sites with fewer and smaller trees and vegetation allowing you to fly at lower altitudes. Examples of use are flood mapping, agricultural purposes and general environmental mapping.

2. Intermediate packages

Suitable for surveying critical infrastructure, terrain mapping, power line inspections and we also offer a higher altitude drone LiDAR system.

3. High specification

Our high accuracy and high resolution system for survey grade mapping where accuracy is critical. Excels at penetrating dense vegetation to reach the surface beneath and to profile trees within forestry and woodland.

Turnkey solution versus modular package

You choose. Our turnkey solution contains all you need to collect precise survey data; Quality Control the data in real-time; cleanse, process and analyze the georeferenced point cloud; and create detailed high resolution outputs.

What’s included in the turnkey system

Or if you already have relevant items and don’t need the turnkey solution you can choose from our modular package. We can recommend the items you need to deliver the best value package for your needs.

Why choose the Routescene UAV LiDAR systems

Watch this video to understand the benefits of the system:

What’s included in the turnkey solution

We’ve thought through everything so you don’t have to:

1. The hardware suite
2. LidarViewer Pro LiDAR processing software
3. Workflow
4. Quality Assurance
5. Training and support
6. UAV integration

1. The hardware suite

Proven LiDAR UAV surveying system, the hardware of our end to end solution includes:

  • Routescene LidarPod® – see below
  • LidarPod GNSS antenna and antenna poles x 2
  • Routescene Ground station – see below
  • Ground station GNSS antenna and tripod
  • Radio telemetry antenna and tripod
  • Routescene Ground Control Targets (can be sold separately)
  • UAV mounting kit
  • Radio UAV antenna
  • Peripherals – see below

a) What’s in the High specification UAV LiDAR system

This integrated 3D mapping tool, containing a carefully selected array of sensors, ensures that the solution is ideal across a range of different survey and mapping applications. The self-contained unit includes a survey-grade LiDAR sensor, RTK GNSS/INS, data storage and radio telemetry.

Routescene drone LiDAR system in flight

Routescene LidarPod in flight

The LiDAR sensor is a Velodyne HDL32, a premium scanner with a proven record of robustness, high accuracy and high resolution. It can operate in dual return mode and provides a scan rate of up to 1.4 million points per second from 32 different lasers angled in a 40 degrees field of view, this enables high vegetation penetration.

The LidarPod has a radio modem built in to enable command and control but more importantly allow operations, complete with real-time QA monitoring, over a distance of more than 2km.

The Routescene UAV LiDAR system has been used in hostile and rough environments over its lifetime and is well designed and built. This is important given the typical location of a mapping project, in a remote place where equipment failure is costly and would cause significant delays.

Routescene LidarPod on UAV

Close up of LidarPod mounted underneath a drone

The benefits of Routescene UAV LiDAR surveying system

Superior vegetation penetration capabilitiesThe system offers impressive capability to penetrate dense vegetation and produce high resolution point cloud data. To achieve maximum vegetation penetration the more hits per second at more diverge angles gives you a higher chance of penetrating vegetation. Our system achieves an impressive 400 points/m2 resolution in DTM outputs, as this case study illustrates.
Easy to useThe LiDAR drone system is portable and easy to deploy; a sealed unit and no assembly needed which eliminates user error. Minimal number of external connectors, significantly reducing risk of failure.
High level of autonomy and securityThe Routescene UAV LiDAR solution does not rely on a mobile phone nor an internet connection to operate. This ensures that a high level of autonomy, operational and data security can be maintained.
WeatherproofnessAble to withstand a light rain shower, the LiDAR scanner within the Routescene LidarPod is rated to IP67; the LidarPod has IP68 rated connectors and rubber seals to ensure no water ingress.
Robust data storageInternal solid state data storage enabling 12 hours of data to be collected. Resistant to vibration in flight, to rough handling by users and plenty of capacity for a long UAV or vehicle survey.
Product conformity

CE and FCC logos
The Routescene LiDAR scanning drone and vehicle system are non-ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) rated so it is not subjected to export controls. The LidarPod has been independently CE and FCC certified to ensure it is compliant with electrical and radio transmission standards.

b) Ground station

The Ground Station transmits RTK corrections to the LidarPod and logs the data for subsequent post processing. Quality assurance and status information is transmitted to QA Monitor, the real-time in-flight data monitoring software. Made from carbon fiber for robustness, the ground station is supplied with GNSS antenna, radio antenna and tripod.

Close up of Routescene ground station, an essential part of the Routescene UAV LiDAR system.

Specifically designed Ground Station to achieve Quality Assurance

c) Peripherals

At Routescene we have carefully considered the tools, peripheral equipment and reference materials that a customer needs to perform a UAV LiDAR survey from start to finish.

We supply all the equipment (excluding the UAV) for immediate operation without you having to purchase additional equipment. We supply radio telemetry tripods, spare LidarPod cables and accessories to ensure minimum downtime, survey tripods, tools, tape measures and robust transit peli-cases plus tough equipment bags to ship the equipment in an easy manner.

The dummy system supplied is the same shape and weight as the real payload, so you can rack up UAV flying practice hours without jeopardizing your new equipment.

Routescene UAV LiDAR Everything you need

‘Out of the box’ and ready to go, the Routescene survey grade LiDAR system

Product and training manuals plus Routescene’s Survey Operating Procedures are supplied, enabling you to quickly become operational and proficient with the Routescene system.

Survey operating procedures

This unique document provides in-depth guidance on how to undertake a UAV LiDAR survey project from planning to processing and reporting. Its’ purpose is to support your comprehensive training and to enable you to plan and perform surveys and process data to achieve the best outcomes possible. It is prepared with UAV LiDAR surveys in mind though most of the content is equally applicable to land vehicle-based surveys.

d) Easily converts to a mobile mapping system

Maximize the use of your system and provide flexibility to transform the UAV surveying LiDAR system into a completely operational Mobile Mapping system with the vehicle upgrade kit.

See more about Routescene mobile mapping vehicle kit


2. LidarViewer Pro post-processing software

Achieve clean datasets and high resolution outputs

A UAV LiDAR system is not only about the hardware. We recognize LiDAR data processing is the biggest challenge and we make this simpler and more efficient with our powerful post-processing software.

You need to turn your raw point cloud data into useful business information and provide Quality Assurance on the outputs you are creating. We’ve made it simple for you. LidarViewer Pro, Routescene’s LiDAR data processing software, delivers the tools and workflow so you can generate valuable results easily and proficiently.

Superb data cleaning capabilities
Pre-developed filters
Bare Earth tool
Repeatable workflow
One software package to clean and analyze
Variety of export formats
Desktop based autonomy and security
Quality Assurance survey reports

Read more about our post-processing software


3. LiDAR workflow

We have applied our survey experience to design a reliable and practical solution enabling you to produce results quickly. Fundamental to the Routescene system is a carefully thought through 6 step workflow which spans the entire utilization of the solution – from survey and project planning, data acquisition, data processing to the final outputs.

This workflow is a set of orchestrated and repeatable procedures and processes, so every survey and subsequent data analysis is undertaken in a systematic, streamlined way; ensuring the best possible outcomes each time. We’ve included automation to reduce errors and provide full documentation so you operate efficiently and effectively.

Routescene UAV LiDAR workflow

4. Quality Assurance

Accuracy and data quality are subjects frequently raised. They are achieved through a combination of applying consistent workflow and high standards of quality control across the complete survey process. Routescene has a strong ethos of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) and we have embedded this across our workflow and our system ensuring you gain the best results possible. Features built into this workflow include:

  • Ground Control Targets, designed for drone surveys, for boresight alignment and to determine absolute accuracy
  • QA Monitor application for real-time in-flight monitoring of the data being collected during the entire drone survey, to make sure you leave the survey site with the data you need
  • UHF radio telemetry to ensure reliable real-time QA regardless of the distance between drone and pilot
  • LidarViewer Pro data processing software is desktop-based and field-deployable, no need for internet access or data upload to the cloud, to allow inspection of the raw LiDAR point cloud on site
  • Generate Quality Assurance Reports to ASPRS standards to verify your results

As a result, you can verify the accuracy of your survey data and have confidence in the quality of your data. And in return, you will significantly increase the value of your data and your final outputs.

Improve accuracy with Routescene Ground Control Targets

Routescene advocate every survey has ground control established, accurately surveying in Ground Control Points (GCP) and placing Routescene LiDAR targets on those points. This prevents unnecessary repeat visits to remote sites. As part of the package, Routescene designed LiDAR targets are supplied (also available separately.)

Read more about Routescene Ground Control Targets

Real-time in-flight monitoring

As part of the standard Quality Assurance process, the quality of the data being collected is monitored in real-time using Routescene’s QA Monitor software.

QA Monitor software interface

For immediate and continuous real-time in-flight data monitoring, to make sure you leave the survey site with the data you need. This web based app gives you confidence the system is working as it should and that you are collecting quality data during each flight.

QA Monitor deployed to confirm system setup before and during flight

  • Simple and easy to use – Check for the green lights. If all the LEDs are green you are good to go
  • Prevent unnecessary repeat visits to remote sites
  • Gain the confidence you are gaining quality data during UAV and vehicle LiDAR mapping flights
  • Accessed via a Wifi access point on the Ground Station
  • Full control of LiDAR and data logging
  • Use throughout the duration of your survey
  • Provides real-time status and quality assurance for:
  • LidarPod GNSS / INS
  • LidarPod LiDAR sensor
  • RTK Ground Station

Post-processing software to maximize Quality Assurance

You can easily connect the LidarPod to a laptop via USB to view the data collected after each flight in our desktop post-processing software. It’s simple – no need for internet access or data to be uploaded to the cloud first. This check provides you with the confidence that all the data required has been collected before you leave the site. The last thing anyone wants is to discover back at base that there was an issue collecting the data and having to revisit the site to repeat the survey. Additional costs and delays to your project are unwelcome and could be prohibitive if you are working in remote sites.

Read more about our post-processing software

Quality Assurance Reports

The Ground Control Points, identified using Routescene’s Ground Control Targets in the field, can be consumed in LidarViewer Pro, our post-processing software, to automatically generate a Quality Assurance Report. Developed to ASPRS standards your report will verify the accuracy of each survey you perform.

Routescene QA report

Routescene Quality Assurance report provided by Routescene LiDAR processing software


5. Training and support

Routescene focuses heavily on training and aftersales customer support to ensure you gain the most from your LiDAR system. Our comprehensive training and support and maintenance packages help you to maximize your Return on Investment.

On purchase of your Routescene UAV LiDAR system, your first year of maintenance and support and the latest releases are included. With this comes peace of mind, knowing that your investment in the Routescene 3D mapping system will stay current.

Read more about training and support


6. UAV integration

The LidarPod is UAV agnostic and will fit on any rotary drone that can take a payload of between 1.8kg(3.9lbs) and 2.2kg (4.9lbs) depending on the system option chosen. Our carbon fiber vibration damping mounting kit for the LidarPod is lightweight. Specially designed and tested for ease of use and to reduce vibration from the UAV.

Close up of UAV mounting kit, dual GPS antenna on beams ready for drone integration.

Anti-vibration mounting kit for simple integration

The Routescene system is easy to deploy utilizing our specifically designed and engineered vibration dampening drone mounting kit. Enables easy integration onto any rotary UAV.

Find out more about mechanical and electrical UAV integration

Every customer has their preferences for the drone (UAV) platform they need. Read our tips on factors to consider when choosing a drone for your LiDAR survey projects:

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Routescene UAV LiDAR product brochure

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Routescene technical specification brochure

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