UAV LiDAR survey used to find potential mass grave at WWII prison camp

Posted on November 1, 2019 in

The Routescene UAV LiDAR System played a key part in locating new structures at a German SS prison camp on the Island of Alderney, UK. Routescene customer Flythru and a team from Staffordshire University led by Caroline Study Colls, Professor of Conflict Archaeology and Genocide Investigation, worked together to perform a LiDAR survey and identify new structures at the camp site through thick overgrown vegetation.

Their investigations and results were the subject of a documentary titled ‘Adolf Island’ produced by the Smithsonian Channel. The TV programme showcases Routescene’s 3D mapping technology and LiDAR post processing software which were used to create a bare earth model which highlighted unknown structures and a potential mass grave at the site.

Watch the Smithsonian Channel documentary.

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