Routescene and Dielmo3D discuss vegetation penetration at Commercial UAV EXPO Europe

Posted on March 6, 2019 in

Routescene’s Gert Riemersma, together with Dielmo3D‘s Rafa Torro, will be presenting at the Commercial UAV EXPO in Amsterdam on April the 10th. The experts and regular collaborators will be speaking about the applications of LiDAR in forestry and densely wooded sites in the “Precision Agriculture and Forestry” category of the Exhibition Theatre Presentations.

Since conception, Routescene has been working to combat some of the biggest challenges related to forestry and vegetation. As a result, Routescene’s turnkey UAV LiDAR solution is the perfect system for penetrating dense vegetation and producing high-resolution data. Routescene’s LidarPod, the hardware element of the UAV LiDAR solution comprises a carefully selected array of sensors including the Velodyne HDL32; with a scan rate of up to 1.4 million points per second from 32 different lasers angled in a 40 degrees field of view, this enables a significantly higher vegetation penetration capability.

For most forestry and vegetated sites, the aim is to get as high a resolution digital terrain model (DTM) as possible devoid of trees and shrubs and to ensure a high degree of accuracy, in particular, relative accuracy with respect to other relevant datasets. Routescene’s proprietary LidarViewer Pro software provides a framework on which to build a LiDAR processing workflow, using the Filter Development Toolkit to develop and apply specific filters to the collected point cloud, to achieve as quickly as possible the most accurate final deliverable.

For a recent project, the filters used in an automated sequence were sector reduction, laser ID reduction, coordinate conversion, grid creation, the purpose-built “Bare Earth tool”, a skim grid and finally a LAS export filter. This process virtually removed all the vegetation from the site, to expose in detail the bare earth. The resolution of the final output was an impressive 400 points/m2.

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