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What do government agencies want from UAV LiDAR

LiDAR has been used across a wide variety of public sector projects for some time. The emergence of UAV LiDAR is revolutionizing how federal, state and local government agencies are undertaking mapping and geospatial projects.

UAV LiDAR is now at the heart of many government data gathering projects – because the technology has become both less expensive and more accurate – from mapping terrain for reconnaissance to creating forest height maps.

The strength of the Routescene UAV LiDAR system for government agencies:

Routescene UAV Lidar systemGovernment agency applications

Our UAV LiDAR system simplifies 3D mapping and modeling

Government agencies want processed data outputs or “actionable information”, in other words, 3D models to assess the terrain in detail or to compare models of landforms over time.

Routescene LidarViewer software has simple, repeatable workflow at its' heart. With our automated data processes such as our Bare Earth Tool, which are pre-built into LidarViewer, you can easily produce bare earth models (Digital Terrain Models) or Digital Surface Models (DSMs).

This brings efficiency, effective management, improves productivity and results in a high rate of return or cost saving.

Shoreline mapping

Our UAV LiDAR system performs brilliantly on steep slopes, where access is often difficult. Produce more accurate shoreline maps, make digital elevation models, for example to assist emergency response operations, erosion studies and conservation.

Flood risk management

Map landscapes to assess flood risk and inform conservation work.

Natural resources conservation

Applications include mapping to monitoring and modelling slope mass movements including monitoring deformation, landslides or rockfall displacements, to landslide in soils.

Water supply management

Water pipeline and dam infrastructure surveying, Right of Way assessments, to monitor the condition of the assets and corridors. Identify issues or structure failure, and plan preventive action.


You can quickly create a 3D model of almost any structure or natural feature such as an electrical substation or a nuclear power plant for inspection purposes.

Industry Expertize

Accuracy and quality come as standard.

Built by surveyors, we know what surveyors and end users want. We have applied 30 years’ experience across mapping, surveying, GNSS / INS, LiDAR, software development, dynamic data capture and data management to develop this turnkey solution, combining workflow, software, hardware and firmware.

NEW LidarViewer® Bare Earth tool
Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for terrain assessment and feature identification, Digital Surface Models (DSM) for maintenance planning and remedial work.

Beyond the point… using our knowledge and expertize to simplify everything for you.


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