Survey experience identified as most critical factor at ILMF 2016

Posted on March 3, 2016 in

Through many in-depth conversations at ILMF 2016 it has become crystal clear that the over-riding factor which will bring success to any UAV-LiDAR project is the capability to apply practical survey experience to ensure the end results are of the highest accuracy and quality possible.

Gert Riemersma, CEO of Routescene, has been working with LiDAR since 2008 and is a qualified land surveyor. Having worked for many years in the Oil & Gas industry as a hydrographic surveyor, Gert uses this wealth of practical experience to help clients accelerate their learning when working with LiDAR and earn a quicker Return On Investment.

For you the Routescene client, the benefit of this is the development of a strong professional reputation and credibility with your customers, with the ability to truly demonstrate that you really know what you are doing. This results in the Routescene LidarPod® functionality being used to its’ full potential, the solution is put to maximum use, and a faster payback period.

If you would like to discuss our approach and how we work in more detail please do get in touch.