Routescene LidarPod® popular at European LiDAR Mapping Forum 2014

Posted on December 17, 2014 in

Yet again the industry response to Routescene LidarPod®, our turnkey 3D mobile mapping solution, at ELMF 2014 in Amsterdam last week was tremendous.

The Routescene LidarPod is transforming surveying and how surveying is applied across many sectors. We see application in the utilities & energy sector for powerline inspections, in mining and also forestry. The system is particularly suitable for dangerous and hostile environments or where physical access to land is limited, risky or otherwise too costly.

Our ELMF Product Preview presentation challenged the traditional approach to surveying and created interest as the Routescene LidarPod addresses many of the issues currently facing the surveying industry. As the smallest and lightest self-contained system on the market, it enables quick, exceptionally accurate, safe and cost effective surveys that previously could not have taken place.

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