Drone innovation, product previews and laser mapping technology

Posted on May 14, 2019 in

Gert Riemersma, CTO of Routescene, reports on his time at the UAV Commercial Expo Europe 2019.

The Commercial UAV Expo Europe is a pan-European event focused on drones for industrial use. This year professionals from across the industry gathered to discuss critical issues facing the profession, exhibit the latest in drone innovation and network with peers. Throughout the 3-day event, there were some fantastic insights into the industry and future innovation we can expect to see in the coming years. Below are just a few interesting insights from the event.

1. Snake oil

The UAV industry is plagued by misinformation and unregulated contractors. It is for this reason that regulation and accreditation is so important for the industry to flourish. While almost every new innovation has experienced a ‘snake oil’ salesman who attempts to flog products that have no real worth, it is essential to seek regulation and promote transparency across the industry.

2. Too much data?

During the panel discussion that I was a member of, the audience posed the question, can you collect too much data? This is an extremely topical question within the UAV LiDAR industry and a good one to consider at an event with so many thought leaders in attendance. Here at Routescene, we are fortunate to have laser mapping technology with the capacity to collect and analyse a great deal of data. At a recent vegetation management project in Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK 8,912,679 data points were collected. Every data point produces a higher level of accuracy and allows the client to utilise the data collected to ascertain more information.

3. Innovations in farming

Simcha Shore, Founder and CEO of AgroScout, offered a great deal of insight into how drone technology is being used to detect disease and pests in farming. Combining data from multiple sensors, external data and deep learning, the technology can monitor diseases in the field. Farmers then receive actionable insights to their computer which allows the farmer to take action and gain recommendations for treatment. The technology offers a holistic approach to farming that I hope to see will be expanded on in the future.

4. Making history

From treating pests to mapping vineyards and uncovering ancient ruins, drones and the related payload technology is taking over the globe and shaping lives. This event offered a wealth of inspiration and promise for the future. Here at Routescene, we recently used our UAV laser mapping technology, including our purpose-built “Bare Earth tool”, to virtually remove all vegetation from an ancient Pueblo site in the USA. This exposed the bare earth below and allowed for previously unmapped 700-year-old structures to be uncovered. Our technology accelerated understanding and provide more extensive data than previously imagined. You can find out more about the use of our Bare Earth Tool in Sand Canyon here

If you missed the UAV Expo, you can hear more about our technology at GEO Business 2019. Gert Riemersma will be presenting a commercial workshop and Routescene will be demonstrating the New LidarViewer® Bare Earth tool on Stand F8. Find out more about Geo Business here.

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