Routescene presents and exhibiting at GeoDATA Edinburgh 2015, 12 November 2015

Posted on September 18, 2015 in

Gert Riemersma, from Routescene®, will be speaking about “The transformational potential of UAV LiDAR surveys” at the forthcoming GeoDATA Edinburgh, one of a series of free, international one-day seminars organised by GeoAware.

UAVs and LiDAR are two emerging technologies which are disrupting the way that conventional surveys are undertaken. Applying the two technologies together provides for a very strong mix and enables high-resolution surveys to be undertaken in areas which would have previously been difficult or impossible to survey. The survey is typically much quicker to undertake and the turnaround time for the results are typically measured in the order of days rather than weeks.

The techniques applied to a UAV LiDAR survey are akin to a hydrographic survey, utilising remote sensing together with dynamic data collection. It is important to be reminded that quality control and robust survey methodology are as important as ever to ensure that the results stand up to scrutiny and are as accurate as possible.

Our presentation will explain how Routescene has taken these two emerging technologies and developed the Routescene LidarPod®, will provide insight acquired from the result of personal, hands-on experience using the system and will explore the untapped potential that this disruptive technology offers.

Our speaker, Gert Riemersma, CEO of Routescene®, has been working with LiDAR since 2008. A qualified land surveyor, Gert previously worked for many years in the Oil & Gas industry as a hydrographic surveyor. He has used this wealth of practical experience with survey sensors; in particular, GPS/INS, to develop the Routescene UAV LidarPod into a market-changing survey and mapping solution.

In accompaniment to our presentation, will also be exhibiting the LidarPod at the show. Space is limited, so please register soon to assure your ability to attend. If you would like to book a meeting with us on the day, please contact Ning Lu at to schedule.

We look forward to seeing you at GeoDATA Edinburgh on November 12th!