Routescene attending 2017 AEMA Annual Meeting

Posted on January 15, 2018 in

American Exploration and Mining Association’s (AEMA) Annual Meeting is the second largest and longest running annual mining convention in USA. This year’s AEMA Annual Meeting will feature a series of informative talks with strong technical focus and provide a networking platform for every professional in the mining industry.

Attending the conference on the 6th of December, Tom Cochran, Routescene North American Business Manager, will be delighted to meet with fellow industry experts and join the conversation on the increasing importance of emerging areas such as LiDAR 3D mapping to enable bare earth modelling and cultural artefacts surveying.

As a qualified engineer and also known as a visionary in the mining industry, Tom can advise on how Routescene’s disruptive UAV LiDAR technology can help you maximize productivity and achieve quick, cost effective survey results in all phases of mine planning and operation.

Meet Routescene at AEMA

If you would like to set up a meeting in advance contact Tom Cochran, Routescene North American Business Development Manager, at