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How Researchers use UAV LiDAR

There is huge global appetite for 3D mapping and visualization and this is particularly true for research. The spectrum and sheer number of global research projects demanding 3D data is vast, across multiple disciplines including geography, geology, ecology, pedology, hydrology, conservation biology, and forestry.

Specific applications include active tectonic studies, identification and mapping of landforms, mapping vegetative structure to understand wildlife-habitat relationships, mapping land cover and land use, to assessing flood risk.

The strength of the Routescene UAV LiDAR system for Researchers:

Conventional methods of 3D data collection can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to undertake. With UAV LiDAR the technology has become both less expensive and more accurate, which is an appealing proposition for researchers in universities, institutes and science hubs across the globe.

Routescene UAV Lidar SystemIndustry Expertize

We recognize that researchers are not always survey or spatial data experts. We have applied 30 years’ experience across mapping, surveying, GNSS / INS, LiDAR, software development, dynamic data capture and data management to develop this integrated system which is reliable and immedately operational.

Accuracy and quality come as standard. Survey-grade hardware to collect precise survey data, and create a very dense and accurate georeferenced point cloud.

Data Acquisition

Designed to collect raw data (not processed data) to:

  • mitigate against user setup errors which can be rectified in post-processing, rather than repeating the whole survey = wasted time and costly
  • enable repeated processing of data till satisfied = productivity

Data processing in Lidar Viewer

Simple, repeatable workflow brings efficiency, effective management, improves productivity and results in a high rate of return or cost saving

Pre-built LiDAR processing workflows ready for you to use:

Filter development toolkit to develop your own repeatable workflows

NEW LidarViewer® Bare Earth tool
Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for geological studies, terrain assessment and feature identification, Digital Surface Models (DSM) for understanding land cover, vegetation assessments.

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