Survey and mapping

Multicopter drone with Routescene LidarPod flying low above trees.

When accurate mapping is essential but difficult to achieve

The Routescene® survey-grade 3D LiDAR mapping solution brings efficiency, effective management and a high rate of return or cost saving.

Survey industry expertize is behind this system. We have applied 30 years experience across surveying, LiDAR, GIS, dynamic data capture and data management

Drone (UAV) mounted, the solution is designed to survey sites where accurate mapping is essential but difficult to achieve:

ApplicationSpecific benefits of UAV LiDAR in Survey and mapping
land use plans
  • for large residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed use areas
  • view sheds for parks, trails, and other large outdoor recreational areas
  • evaluating the relationship to environmental sites
  • planning for greenways and other recreational amenities
  • planning industrial sites
  • industrial site selection
Civil engineering design

provides base sheets for all types of project specific civil engineering design such as master planning; grading; utilities; drainage analysis; erosion control and stormwater treatment; roadway design

NEW LidarViewer® Bare Earth tool
Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for forest planning and archeological feature identification, Digital Surface Models (DSM) for forest management, vegetation mapping and woodland valuation.

Customer success stories

  • Surveying a new cycle route in the Scottish Highlands. Click here
  • Monitoring landslides in Ystalyfera, South Wales, UK. Click here
  • Mapping forests near Chernobyl. Click here
  • Clearing densely vegetated site for building works. Click here
  • Locating WWII prison camp on Island of Alderney. Click here
  • Surveying and protecting forests in Scotland. Click here 
  • Discovering 750 year old dwellings in dense woodland in Colorado. Click here

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