Truck mounted with Routescene vehicle LiDAR system surveying in an open cast mine in Australia.

UAV LiDAR to drive mine productivity

Accurate topographic mapping using UAV LiDAR can be used in all phases of a mine’s life from pre-mining permitting, planning a mine site, efficiently and safely operating a mine to, post-mining, creating a reclamation/rehabilitation plan to return the land as close to its original state as possible.

ApplicationSpecific benefits of UAV LiDAR in the Mining sector
Archaeological reconnaissance of pre-mine

Bare earth modelling or Digital Terrain Models (DTM) using LiDAR data is an analytical tool which enables an in-depth assessment of terrain. By penetrating the vegetation layers, LiDAR offers the unique ability to remove all non-ground points and reveal what's on the ground surface.

The technique:

  • Is a very quick way to evaluate the pre-mine site and identify where artefacts might be located on the ground
  • Enables in-depth artefact assessment that previously was difficult or impossible to undertake
Mine safety

Mines are dangerous places to work. Automation and remote operation to reduce the exposure of personnel in mines is an essential business driver. Using UAV LiDAR to 3D map open-pit mine sites removes the need for personnel to be close to the many cliffs and steep embankments which are a major source of danger due to threat of collapse. The maps can be used to understand, and identify dangerous and safe areas at a mine site, to design a risk-area map.