Bright orange, yellow and green point cloud showing the detail of a dam structure in USA including powerlines, water outlets.

Workflows improve productivity and increase your rate of return

Workflows are critical so you can undertake surveys and data analysis in a systematic and streamlined way.

Fundamental to Routescene’s systems and software is our 6 step Survey Project Workflow. Based on 35+ years of in-depth survey experience this carefully thought-through workflow spans the entire utilization of the solution.

PLANNINGDevelop a rigorous survey plan using Routescene’s Survey Operating Procedures.
DATA ACQUISITIONEstablish ground control to improve and verify accuracy; easy system deployment in the field.
QUALITY ASSURANCEReal-time in-flight data monitoring with QA Monitor to make sure you leave with the data you need.
DATA DOWNLOADQuick and simple so you can undertake an immediate preliminary review of your LiDAR data on your laptop using our desktop based software.
DATA PROCESSINGRoutescene’s LiDAR post processing software delivers the tools and workflow so you can generate valuable results easily and proficiently.
FINAL OUTPUTSAchieve actionable information or export to third party packages

There are specific task-based workflows in each of the 6 steps… so you have a complete set of orchestrated and repeatable procedures and processes to follow from the start to the finish of each project.

We understand how the system will be used in practice and we’ve included automation to reduce errors. Full documentation of all the workflows is supplied and explained during training.

The benefits of our workflows are:

  • Bring efficiency as tasks are performed quickly
  • Minimize human error
  • Enable effective management
  • Quality Control is built in
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs