LiDAR mobile mapping system

Routescene vehicle LiDAR mobile mapping system

Flexible LiDAR mobile mapping system

Routescene design and manufacture integrated 3D mapping solutions specifically for outdoor use. Our LiDAR mobile mapping system is for use on vehicles. It contains all you need to collect precise survey data, quality control the data in real-time and process the raw point cloud data to create outputs.

Routescene vehicle LiDAR mobile mapping system

Routescene’s mobile mapping system deployed on a project in the Lake District

Designed by surveyors, we build survey-grade end-to-end systems and our mobile LiDAR survey system comprises workflow methodologies, software including specific data processing tools, hardware and firmware. We have applied 30+ years’ experience across mapping, surveying, GNSS / INS, LiDAR, software development, dynamic data capture and data management to develop this technology.

Benefits of Routescene LiDAR mobile mapping system

LiDAR mobile mapping is a highly accurate method of collecting spatial data. Traveling at normal road speeds, with a LiDAR mobile mapping system you can survey a large area to gather accurate and detailed 360° LiDAR data. LiDAR does not need daylight to work and you can survey day and night to achieve high productivity (miles per day) whilst increasing safety by removing personnel from the road.

Applications include:

  • Highways mapping
    • Planning and maintenance of road infrastructure including kerbs, road markings, bridges, overhead wires
    • Highway asset management such as signage, lamp posts,traffic lights, trees
    • Wide load route assessment
  • Construction and infrastructure mapping
  • Urban environment mapping
  • Environmental topography mapping
  • Vegetation management.

The following video shows the Routescene mobile mapping system being used for asset mapping:

Courtesy of Rekon Solutions Inc

What’s in the LiDAR mobile mapping system

We’ve thought through everything so your mobile mapping system is ready to deploy. The end to end package includes:

1. The hardware bundle
2. LidarViewer Pro post-processing software
3. Workflow
4. Quality Assurance
5. Training and support

1. The hardware bundle

  • Routescene LidarPod® LiDAR system
  • Odometer
  • GSM modem
  • Vehicle support frame
  • Peripherals.

Everything is supplied so the mobile LiDAR system can quickly and easily be mounted onto a vehicle. If you have already invested in our UAV LiDAR system you can add flexibility by purchasing the Vehicle upgrade.

The system has been the most powerful tool in our toolbox, with the ability to go from drone, to vehicle it has allowed us to work with many different clients and produce the results they needed at the levels of accuracy that were required.”

Vashaun Henerson, Rekon Solutions, British Columbia, Canada

a) The Routescene LidarPod

The LidarPod contains a cluster of sensors, carefully selected to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose across a range of different survey and mapping applications. The self-contained unit includes a survey grade LiDAR sensor, RTK GNSS/INS, data storage and radio telemetry.

The premium LiDAR sensor is a Velodyne HDL32, which has a proven record of robustness, high accuracy and high resolution. It can operate in dual return mode and provides a scan rate of up to 1.4 million points per second from 32 different lasers angled in a 40 degrees field of view, this enables high vegetation penetration.

The LidarPod includes internal solid state data storage. Robust and enabling 12 hours of data to be collected continuously it is ideal for long distance mobile mapping projects.

The LidarPod has a radio modem built in to enable command and control but more importantly allow operations, complete with real-time QA monitoring, over a distance of more than 2km.

The Routescene LidarPod has been used in hostile and rough environments over its lifetime and is well designed and built. This is important given the typical location of a mapping project, in a remote place where equipment failure is costly and would cause significant delays.

Routescne LiDAR mobile mapping system

Close up of LidarPod converted for mobile mapping

Product conformity

The product is non-ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) rated so it is not subjected to export controls. The LidarPod® has been independently CE and FCC certified to ensure it is compliant with electrical and radio transmission standards.

b) Odometer

The odometer measures the distance traveled by the mapping vehicle. It supplies up to 100 pulses per second to enable accurate distance traveled and velocity to be calculated. This information augments the GPS\INS solution considerably and reduces drift in urban canyons.

Rear wheel mounted odometer to improve the GNSS/INS solution

c) Vehicle support frame

The easy to deploy Routescene LidarPod is mounted on the roof of the vehicle using a light weight aluminium frame. Incorporating advanced coiled suspension mounts to dampen unwanted vibrations and shocks caused by traveling on poor quality roads.

d) Peripherals

We have deliberately considered the tools, peripheral equipment and reference materials that you need to perform a LiDAR survey so you are ready for immediate operation. We supply spare LidarPod cables and accessories to ensure minimum downtime, tools, tape measures and robust transit peli-cases plus tough equipment bags to ship the equipment in an easy manner.

Do I need a Ground Station?

For the vehicle mounted LiDAR system the Ground Station is optional as it depends on the most practical solution through which to receive the RTK GPS corrections: locally using the Routescene Ground Station, or via GPRS modem or satellite. Then there is always the option to post-process the position data and apply the RTK GPS corrections after the survey has been completed. For vehicle surveys when a Routescene Ground Station is not used, QA Monitor can be directly accessed using a USB connection between a laptop and the LidarPod.


2. LidarViewer Pro post-processing software

The Routescene mobile mapping system yields an abundance of high resolution raw LiDAR data. However, GIS and CAD packages are unable to cope with such large volumes of data. With LidarViewer Pro, Routescene’s proprietary LiDAR data processing/ mobile mapping software, you can instantly view, clean and analyze your data to make sense of it all.

Routescene mobile LiDAR mapping system

High definition and high accuracy 3D outputs using LidarViewer Pro

Efficient data processing is crucial, particularly for mobile mapping when you can collect immense quantities of data that you will be expected to process quickly. We’ve made it simple for you with LidarViewer Pro:

Outstanding data cleaning capabilitiesRemove noise including occlusions, shadows and unnecessary features such as the roof of the vehicle
Pre-developed filtersIncluding data reduction and a Bare Earth tool to achieve Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) quickly
Repeatable workflowDevelop filter chains to automate specific processing tasks you wish to repeat time and time again
One software package to process dataConsiderably reduce the time you spend post-processing LiDAR data by reducing the number of software packages and steps in the process
Variety of export formatsCompatibility with CAD, GIS, specialist contouring and classification software
Desktop based autonomy and securityNo reliance on internet or mobile phone connection enables preliminary review of the raw LiDAR data wherever you are
Quality Assurance survey reportsTo verify the accuracy of every survey

Use case: Planning the upgrade of powerlines with vehicle based LiDAR

Oliver transmission line LiDAR data classified

Surveying the town to determine the location of existing powerlines

See how the Routescene LidarPod mounted onto a vehicle efficiently surveyed the small town of Oliver in Canada to assist planning the replacement of copper powerlines.

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3. Workflow

Underlying the Routescene LiDAR UAV mobile mapping system is a rigorously designed 6 step workflow that covers the complete employment of the solution – from survey and project planning, data acquisition, data processing to the final outputs. We have applied our survey experience to devise this reliable and practical workflow enabling you to produce results quickly.

The workflow is comprised of organized and repeatable procedures and processes, so every survey and subsequent data analysis is undertaken in a systematic, streamlined way; ensuring the best possible outcomes each time. We’ve included automation to reduce errors and provide full documentation so you operate efficiently and effectively.

Routescene UAV LiDAR workflow

4. Quality Assurance

Accuracy and data quality are achieved by applying consistent workflow and high standards of quality control across the complete survey process. Routescene has a strong ethos of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) and we have embedded this across our workflow and our system ensuring you gain the best results possible. Quality features built into our workflow include:

  • QA Monitor application for real-time monitoring of the data being collected during the entire survey, to make sure you collect the data you need
  • LidarViewer Pro data processing software does not need internet access or data upload to the cloud to operate, desktop-based you can inspect the raw LiDAR point cloud on your laptop wherever you are
  • Produce Quality Assurance Reports to ASPRS standards to verify your survey results.

5. Training and support

Routescene concentrates on extensive training and aftersales customer support to ensure you maximize your mobile mapping system. Our training, support and maintenance packages help you to realize a return on your investment.

On purchase of your Routescene Vehicle LiDAR system, your first year of maintenance and support and the latest releases are included. With this comes the reassurance that your investment in the Routescene 3D mapping system will stay current.

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Use case: Mapping Scottish forests with a vehicle LiDAR system

Routescene mobile mapping LiDAR system mapping forests

Scanning the forested area using the truck along logging tracks

A combination of mobile mapping and UAV mapping was adopted using the Routescene LiDAR system to map woodlands in Perthshire, Scotland, to inform the management of a forest under threat from an approaching plant pathogen.

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Flexibility to use the system on a UAV

The beauty of the Routescene LiDAR system is the adaptability to capture high quality LiDAR data from either a vehicle or a drone. Vehicle based LiDAR surveys are optimal for long distance or linear surveys where a good road network is available; drone based LiDAR surveys are ideal for sites where accurate mapping is essential but difficult to achieve such as hard to reach, dangerous or hostile environments.