Training & support

Routescene training and technical support

Our experience working with customers around the world is that achieving optimal results is easier and quicker with in-depth training courses and access to responsive technical support. This way you achieve a quicker return on your investment.

We pride ourselves on our customer-specific training and delivery of customer support. Our experts are on hand to share our knowledge with you. We enable this through our established US and UK offices serving our customers across different time zones.

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What’s included in your purchase of a UAV LiDAR system

  • 12 months warranty on the hardware
  • 1st year of support and maintenance including firmware and software updates
  • Package of post-processing support
  • Hardware instruction manual
  • Survey operating procedures.

For optimal results, we highly recommend that you also book LiDAR training courses to familiarise yourself with your new hardware and software and take a deep dive to accelerate your learning.

Here’s more detail below explaining our training, annual support and maintenance agreements, and project support packages.

1. Comprehensive training

Our complete training package includes theory and practical sessions to ensure you gain the most from your UAV LiDAR system. Covering everything you need to know from the assembly of the equipment, operation of the system in the field, Quality Control and best practice to data processing using our software. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions training is delivered to you remotely online.

Routescene comprehensive UAV LiDAR training and support

Comprehensive training and technical support provided by the Routescene team

Training materials are provided afterward for reference including:

  • Manual for the hardware and the software
  • Routescene’s Survey Operating Procedures – assimilation of 30+ years of operational survey experience in a variety of different environments, enabling you to quickly become operational and proficient in the field.

Customized training specifically for your applications

If you have specific needs we can create custom LiDAR training courses for your personnel, developing the curriculum with you to fulfill your particular requirements.

I can say that Routescene has been very supportive in getting us started with our equipment and ensuring we got off the ground quickly. I think it was only a couple of test and learning flights before we started collecting the UAV LiDAR data we required, so a very short setup and training time was required.”

Kieran Wood, Bristol University

2. Annual support and maintenance agreements

The support from the Routescene team goes well beyond the initial purchase and training. Through our Annual Support and Maintenance Agreements, we commit to providing you with the highest level of support. This means you can operate the Routescene UAV LiDAR system as efficiently and effectively as possible in the future. Agreements include technical support, firmware upgrades, new software releases and many other benefits.

We are continuously improving our products and undertake a significant amount of Research & Development to ensure we stay at the leading edge of technological advances. These enhancements to our products are also available to you through the Annual Support and Maintenance Agreements.

Multiple year support and maintenance

A discount is offered for those wishing to commit to multiple year support and maintenance agreements.

Our experience with the team at Routescene has been nothing short of excellent. They have been there from day one with outstanding support. Helping us through the process as we grew our team’s skills to become competent and efficient using LidarViewer to post process LiDAR data.”

Vashaun Henderson, Rekon Solutions, British Columbia, Canada

3. Project support packages

If you have both hardware and software support and maintenance agreements in place you have access to an additional project support package that can be used across multiple projects and can cover flight planning, project logistics, geodesy or post-processing.