Quality Assurance

Forestry UAV LiDAR point cloud

Quality Assurance and Quality Control as standard to reduce errors and achieve quality results

Routescene has a strong ethos of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) and we have embedded this across our workflow and our system ensuring you gain the best results possible. You need to demonstrate the reliability of the data you have collected and that you have the utmost confidence in it.

Why do I need Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are essential to ensure the data delivered to the end customer is as accurate as possible and the level of accuracy can be proven.

QA\QC are expected in surveying and should be an integral part of your data acquisition and data processing procedures. How rigorously this is applied and exactly what you do will depend on the level of data quality you need to produce your final output.

Your QA/QC process should enable you to identify and minimize potential errors before you start your survey; and during your survey enable you to recognize errors as soon as possible and decide on a remedy. This is particularly important during the data collection phase of difficult or remote surveys so you can solve the issue before you leave the site. During data processing the QA/QC processes you employ are equally important to ensure you keep the integrity, accuracy and resolution of the data during your analysis.

Real-time in-flight Quality Assurance with QA Monitor

For immediate and continuous real-time in-flight data monitoring, with QA Monitor you can make sure you leave the survey site with the data you need.

Simple to use, this web based app gives you confidence in the data you are collecting while you are collecting it. Accessed using a web browser from a mobile device or laptop which has a Wi-Fi connection, QA Monitor receives and displays real-time Status and Quality Assurance data for:

  • LidarPod GNSS / INS
  • LidarPod LiDAR sensor
  • RTK Ground Station

Improve accuracy with Routescene Ground Control Targets

Routescene advocates that every survey has ground control established to provide an independent check of your results.

Setting Ground Control Points (GCPs) helps to demonstrate a certain level of accuracy has been achieved. It also avoids data processing issues and assists with the calibration of the sensors on the drone: all of which improve the confidence in the accuracy of the survey.

Using Routescene’s Ground Control Targets you can easily and quickly establish ground control.

Data processing to improve and verify accuracy

In LidarViewer you can produce a Quality Assurance Report to ASPRS standards for every survey you perform to verify your results. This enables you to demonstrate to your end client that the data collected is to the required specification.

The QA/QC steps in LidarViewer are:

  • Confirm point cloud accuracy:
    • Import Ground Control Target (GCT) locations.
    • Automatically identify and extract the points associated with the GCT from the point cloud and compare them against their known coordinates.
    • Quantify the accuracy that has been achieved.
  • Calibration of system:
    • Boresight alignment.
    • Strip alignment.
  • Compare different point cloud datasets using multiple layers to establish correlations across the data.
  • Establish repeatable workflows to enable outputs to be measured and quantified.
  • Generate your Quality Assurance Report.

The benefits of Routescene’s UAV LiDAR mapping systems

Configurations to meet diverse specifications and budgets.Easily integrates with multi rotor drones capable of carrying 1.9kg to 2.4kg payload.
Software providing tools and workflow to generate results easily and proficiently.Comprehensive training and support to get the most out of your system.