Competitive advantage

Male surveyor and founder of Routescene on site assisting with customer project,setting up UAV and LidarPod.

Survey industry expertize is behind this system

We have applied 30 years’ experience across mapping, surveying, GNSS / INS, LiDAR, software development, dynamic data capture and data management to develop this technology which is changing the approach to surveying.

Our founder and CTO, Gert Riemersma, is a qualified Land & Hydrographic Surveyor with practical survey and hydrographic experience gained in a variety of different environments and locations around the globe.

Global authority in LiDAR

Our founder and CTO, Gert Riemersma is a global authority on the use of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) in mapping and surveying. A visionary, in 2009 he was an early adopter of LiDAR technology to develop a very high resolution low cost Mobile Mapping Solution and has been working with LiDAR ever since.

Our Health and Safety culture

Members of our leadership team have a strong culture of health and safety, understanding the importance of risk mitigation.

Gert Riemersma, Founder and CTO of Mapix technologies Ltd, has a background in surveying and remote working in the oil and gas industry, he is well aware of the risks of working in hostile environments.

Tom Cochran, our North American Business Development Manager, has an acute and expert Health & Safety mindset developed through 40+ years experience in the mining industry.

Why is our system unique?

Workflow and productivity

It is our combination of workflow methodologies, software, hardware and firmware that makes our solution unique.

Complete turnkey mapping system

Our survey-grade 3D LiDAR mapping solution is an integrated system ready for immediate use.

World leading product

Proven. Reliable. Provides fast results. The most competitively priced solution giving a strong Return on Investment.

We solve customer problems

Our system solves specific industry problems including access to dangerous or risky environments, bare earth modelling and powerline inspection.

We constantly strive to provide considered, technically excellent and robustly engineered products which solve customer problems, improve customer commercial decisions and performance.

Approach to product development

Through listening, building rapport and being responsive we ensure that we are always in tune with what our customers require. We continually talk with and encourage feedback from all our customers to drive improvement across our product range.

Beyond the point… using our knowledge to help customers solve real problems.



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