Improved productivity and workflow with lidar scanning software

Routescene LidarViewer – turn raw data into business information

The Routescene LidarPod® offers a fantastic richness of raw data. Routescene LidarViewer, our specially developed software, takes this large volume of data and helps you make sense of it, turning it from raw data into valuable and useful business information.

products-editor-lidarviewerWith Routescene LidarViewer you can convert, analyse and filter huge volumes of point cloud data to improve productivity and workflow. Our powerful filters enable you to extract relevant data for use in third party software, such as GIS and CAD packages, which are unable to cope with such large data volumes.

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What are the benefits?


  • flexible and adapable, LidarViewer imports both Routescene LidarPod and native Velodyne Lidar data
  • enables you to view the data in different ways, as you can view LiDAR scans as relative, egomotion and absolute coordinated point clouds
  • provides a stepped approach which enables
      • any errors in the data to be easily identified
      • filters to be applied in one of three available coordinate systems
  • provides a flexible exporter, which enables both point cloud, objects and tracks to be exported
  • create a seamless workflow as LidarViewer can be easily integrated with 3rd party software
  • manipulate and analyse the raw point cloud data to suit your needs

Improved accuracy

  • increases accuracy even further, LidarViewer imports external position data as an option, which enables you to post-process the GPS / INS data using third party software such as Waypoint Inertial Explorer
  • preview the data prior to applying up to 8 offset and orientation calibration parameters
  • average the very high density point cloud across a particular area to increase the accuracy
  • allows you to be specific to focus on particular details in a point cloud, you can choose and export selected points and then process these further in other packages

Increased productivity

  • conversion of raw data into valuable and accessible business information
  • easy and quick navigation around the point cloud, being able to view the data from different viewpoints
  • easy to view using colour coding, applying different colours to different attributes e.g. distance or intensity; which enables improved understanding and analysis of the point cloud data

A point cloud of a road can be coloured to display the intensity, enabling the different roadmarkings, for instance double yellow lines, to be clearly visible

  • ability to focus in and concentrate on areas of interest, selecting particular sets of frames to view and process, making data analysis and processing much simpler and more efficient
  • instant analysis and quick measurements to improve decision-making using our 3D measurement tool
  • extract pertinent geospatial information which is important to your business and achieve the automation of raw data by writing and applying your own filters
  • create workflows by joining filters together using filter chains

Improved analysis

  • visualise successive frames using our Snail trail tool
  • instantly create a 3D map of the surrounding area, collecting all the frames together into one view using the Gather tool

What about support?

At Routescene we have a survey and mapping background, having been using ESRI’s ArcView product since version 1.0, so we understand how geospatial information is managed, viewed and turned into business information. We understand how LidarViewer will be used and so can provide an expert level of technical support which we realise can contribute to the successful adaptation of the system in your organisation and the outcomes of survey projects.

More about the Routescene LidarViewer

In essence, the Routescene LidarViewer is a tool to easily manipulate raw data, extract pertinent datasets and transform it into valuable business information. All you need is this one single piece of software to do all this work.

Why do I need this?

So you can make sense of all the data you collect. The Routescene LidarPod provides superb detail, collecting 700,000 points per second, for example:

  • Using the Routescene UAV LidarPod flying at an altitude of 40m and a speed of 30km/hr, you will get 300 points per square metre. This equates to 840 million points being collected in a 20 minute flight
  • Using the Routescene Vehicle LidarPod driving at 50 km/hr, you will get over 400 points per square metre at a distance of 20m from the LidarPod

Third party software, such as GIS, CAD, terrain mapping or 3D animation packages, are not able to cope with such large volumes of data, for example, 4 million points (ie 6 seconds of data capture) displayed in a CAD package would probably cause it to fallover.

The Routescene LidarViewer removes this problem for you, taking the large volume of raw data and decimating it in a smart way, so you can import and manipulate easily in GIS and CAD packages, without losing any of the important detail you need.

The other smart thing about the Routescene LidarViewer is the range of specific filters which you can apply to the raw data to extract just the data you want. You can even develop your own business and project specific filters too.

Technical details

32-bit software
Windows 7 and 8 compatible

Minimum requirements: 4Gb RAM, 500Gb HD, High end graphics card
2 button mouse, with middle roller wheel

Filters can be developed in Delphi or Visual Studio C++

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