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Fast data collection, impressive accuracy and significantly lower costs

The Routescene LidarPod®industries-survey-editor-lidarpod

Our compact, self contained, lightweight system is at the cutting edge of technology. With rapid, remote sensing data collection combined with quick and easy data analysis, the Routescene LidarPod® and LidarViewer enable you to undertake surveys and get results faster than ever before. The turnkey solution includes LidarViewer, specially developed software to handle your resulting data.

Due to fast and detailed data collection it significantly reduces your survey time in the field, enabling all the data you need to be collected in a single pass. Asset classification no longer needs to be undertaken on site, allowing specialists to interpret the data back in the office.

The advantages of LiDAR over traditional survey methods

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is the technology of choice for 3D mapping and surveys at an affordable cost, significantly lower than conventional survey methods.

It offers extremely fast data collection with impressive accuracy. The position and elevation data (Latitude, Longitude and Height) are produced at a rate of thousands of points per second, resulting in a point density much higher than traditional methods of field survey. One hour of data collection would generate more than 300 million 3D points in a geo-referenced point cloud. With this high rate of measurement, it is possible to quickly accomplish large-scale topographic surveys.

In addition, LiDAR data processing is also simpler and faster than traditional methods, enabling you to rapidly produce accurate 3D digital topographic maps of the terrain, structures and objects scanned. This advantage offers significant savings compared to other remote sensing methods including photogrammetry.

The benefitsindustires-survey-editor-scan

LiDAR mapping, particularly using a UAV, is a non-intrusive method to obtain detailed and precise geo-referenced datasets. It can be used in situations where physical access to land is limited, risky or otherwise too costly.

It is a faster, exceptionally accurate and more cost-effective way to survey. LiDAR technology also provides a safer way to survey. Improvements in safety will be seen, as surveys are undertaken from the safety of a vehicle, and in addition it reduces the time on site.

Trends in the industry

We see an ever increasing sophistication and variety of applications from customers. We anticipate increased demand for 3D data versus 2D maps, which will accelerate in the next few years 3D will be an intrinsic part of the core geospatial data more complex and realistic 3D models, particularly of cities, to enable effective planning and management and to optimise resources the influence coming from 3D software and developments in the gaming industry offering insights and possibilities that 2D ‘maps’ cannot provide a continuing move towards photogrammetry and LiDAR on vehicles increased use of Building Information Management systems (BIM) – these need 3D data which LiDAR can supply.

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