Use Routescene LidarPod to maximise mine productivity

The Routescene LidarPodindustries-mining-editor-lidarpod

The Routescene UAV LidarPod® is a compact, self contained, lightweight system that can be used for all aspects of mine planning and operation. The turnkey solution includes LidarViewer, specially developed software to handle your resulting data.

Our cutting edge technology allows rapid, remote sensing data collection combined with quick and easy data analysis. This means feasibility studies, mine planning and, in particular, daily volumetric analysis to maximise productivity are fast to undertake and interpret.

The advantages of LiDAR

Accurate topographic mapping using LiDAR can be used in all phases of a mine’s life from locating a viable ore deposit, planning a mine, efficiently and safely operating a mine to, post-mining, creating a reclamation/rehabilitation plan to return the land as close to its original state as possible.

The benefitsindustries-mining-editor-uav

  • LiDAR provides highly accurate data sets cost effectively
  • The combined acquisition and processing of data can be undertaken in a faster timeframe than traditional approaches
  • Rapid set up and survey time and minimises site visits
  • Significantly reduced health & safety issues or risk associated with data capture
  • Quick processing and analysis of data which can then be directly loaded into bare-earth terrain mapping, GIS, or CAD software
  • Efficient data collection and transfer leads to error-free data processing, map generation and modelling

How can I use this new technology?industries-mining-editor-closeup

Mapping is key to mining, from initial scoping and planning to mapping and monitoring daily cut and fill volumes to accurately understand the volume taken out of the mine. The Routescene LidarPod can be used:

  • by geologists for feasibility studies to locate a viable ore deposit; slope classification and stability assessment; contour development; then to precisely locate the positions for sampling core, drill holes
  • as part of the approval process required from regulatory bodies in many countries, provinces or states including environmental modelling
  • by engineers to plan infrastructure, access roads, railways, pipeline design, electrical corridors, hydrology modelling of water flows, tailings ponds, waste management and supporting services
  • throughout the operating life of a mine to ensure maximum productivity; to provide an accurate, ongoing volumetric analysis and models; overburden stripping volume determination and a base map for expansion
  • once a mine has been exhausted, to create a reclamation, remediation and rehabilitation plans to return the land as close to its original state as possible
  • to map the distribution of abandoned underground coal mine workings; to map and monitor the patterns and rates of subsidence of old coal mines in advance of collapse

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