Routescene LidarPod for forest design and management

The Routescene LidarPodindustries-forestry-editor-lidarpod

Using the Routescene UAV LidarPod® is a quick and easy way to understand forest health, productivity and diversity. The Routescene UAV LidarPod is a compact, self contained, lightweight system that can be used for forest planning, management and operational activities. The turnkey solution includes LidarViewer, specially developed software to handle your resulting data.

Our cutting edge technology allows rapid, remote sensing data collection to be undertaken in difficult to reach or remote areas. Data processing and extraction no longer needs to be undertaken on site, allowing specialists to interpret data back in the office.

The advantages of LiDARindustries-mining-editor-uav

LiDAR derived data, models and maps offer a very powerful tool for the forest design planner, enabling forest views to be examined and planned from all angles. Forest valuation and management, including identifying and mapping historic or sensitive areas for protection, becomes easy using LiDAR.

Precision forestry leverages LiDAR to support site-specific economic, environmental and sustainable decision making for the forestry sector.

The benefits

  • LiDAR is the technology of choice for applications requiring 3D survey and mapping at an affordable cost, with a very fast acquisition and delivery time frame and with an impressive accuracy
  • LiDAR is able to penetrate, or “see between”, the forest cover to reach the ground in places where it would be virtually unthinkable to go and do ground measurements with other methods. It allows you to “map” the canopy, the bare earth and many of the structural characteristics such as canopy height, volume and basal diameter from a single pass
  • LiDAR is less sensitive to environmental conditions such as sun angle and presence of leaves than other methods of suveying, so the window of opportunity of surveying operations is increased

How can I use this new technology?

  • Forest design planning – forest views and archaeological features can be examined, allowing planners to visually connect associated historic environment features within the landscape, or change the setting of individual features. Recreational access routes to and around historic environment features can be sensitively planned to increase their value and profile within the woodland, thereby enhancing its cultural value
  • Forest management – using data to understand the forest canopy and terrain, to assist with forest management. Examples include to assess forest health, calculate forest biomass, classify terrain and identify drainage patterns
  • Operational activities – road planning and integration of access development with other industries, fertilisation, harvest design, detailed cut block plan development, planning cable-based timber harvest systems and timber inventory height refinement
  • Woodland valuation – to understand the volume and growth rate of trees to calculate the value of the forest. Annual measurements per species to determine growth enables foresters to maximise the value of forests and plan resources
  • Vegetation mapping within forests – to measure the three-dimensional characteristics of plant canopies and estimate the vertical structure of vegetation communities. A community’s vegetation composition, structure and patterns is important for a variety of natural-resource planning and monitoring activities including assessing fuel loads and fire risk, wildlife habitat, impact from recreational activities and monitoring general forest trends and conditions
  • Protecting important features during routine forest management – use LiDAR to develop management and operations maps which highlight any features for protection. Once located on site, sensitive areas are usually marked and brought to the attention of forest workers, so these areas can managed differently from that of the surrounding woodland

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