Global operation and wide application for Routescene LidarPod®, the 3D scanning technology of choice

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Survey & Mapping

Faster, exceptionally accurate, safer and more cost-effective way to survey.

Academic research

Pushes the boundaries of research to discover, visualise and analyse the “secrets” of the world.

Autonomous vehicle development

To enable testing and verification, to benchmark your results and evaluate, compare and contrast your options.

Highways & Engineering

For effective and efficient road planning, construction and maintenance.

Utilities & Energy

The smart and safe way to collect, analyse and manipulate data. Cost reducing technology to identify faults, plan maintenance and reduce outages.


Valuable in all phases of a mine’s life from location, planning, efficient and safe operations to land reclamation post-mining.


Powerful tool for forest valuation and management, to understand forest health, productivity and diversity.